Science and Innovation

Farmagenetica is a "health and wellbeing" company (pharmaceutical, nutrition, food and beauty) specialized in the national and international research, development, manufacture and marketing of health and wellbeing products such as functional and special food (organic, for diabetics, allergies, superfoods…), dietetic and nutrition (health, sports, weight loss…), medical devices, hygiene and personal care products and natural cosmetics.


Farmagenetica is science and innovation. The Farmagenetica brand was launched in 2013 after several years of gestation. Its method of research and development consisted, even then, of studies on all continents aimed at finding active and natural ingredients worldwide to optimize health. Scientific studies and applications worldwide have enabled us to identify natural compounds that activate the metabolic processes needed to optimize biological functions and maintain a healthy balance in our biochemical system. We operate according to the principles and major global scientific developments in biotechnology, genetics, nutrition, medicine, cell research and related sciences.


In a few years Farmagenetica has become one of the favourite brands of European consumers, supported by professionals and currently reaching more than 50 countries worldwide, being permanently active in the conquest of new markets.


Maximum quality consumer-oriented. We have a unique product development model with proprietary know how duly protected, ensuring excellence, safety, efficacy and bioavailability of natural formulas. All our quality system is aimed at safety and consumer information.

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